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Sunday, 16 January 2022

Our grateful thanks as always goes to our main prize sponsors. Without them this event would not be possible.

First Prize Sponsor:

Huddersfield and District Roundtable


Second Prize Sponsor:

Huddersfield and District Roundtable


Third Prize Sponsor:

George Shaw & Sons Toilet Hire

G Shaw

Great day today at the Holmfirth Duckrace!
Matt Blake
Duce Race patron 2015
It brings everyone together and I think people just really enjoy how fun and quirky it is. It’s been a really fun day out for everyone.
Duce Race patron 2017
They had a 'quacking' time!
Huddersfield Examiner
Duce Race 2011




In 1983, a crowd of nervous little yellow chaps gathered in Holmfirth.  Little did they know that they would be starting a tradition that would be recognised and, dare we say, beloved by people the world over.

That’s right folks; it’s time again for the Holmfirth Duck Race!

After last years successful event we thought we'd give this whole race thing another go and subject ourselves to another year of the yellow racing phenomenon.

This years event will be held on Sunday 7th July 2019 (The event is always held on the first Sunday in July), what can we say it's a bit of local tradition!

Our street teams will be out and about a few weeks prior to the event selling tickets and taking Quackers the fluffy duck for his morning walk.  They’d love your encouragement too.

Good luck to all of our quackers and backers!

The 2019 Duck Race Lucky Winners


 First Prize   £1000   Ticket 3560

 Second Prize  £500   Ticket 0251

 Third Prize   £250  Ticket 3097


RoundTable is an 18-45 society for gentlemen who want to get a little more out of their Wednesday nights, weekends or lives in general.

We do the kind of things most people would like to do more often but that it's hard to co-ordinate a group of friends to do with you.  We've also been known to enjoy a beverage or two when time permits.

Find out more by clicking here.

About us

Holmfirth Annual Charity Duckrace is probably the UK's premier Duckrace event.

It is known and recognised throughout the world and sells ducks internationally.

All monies raised go to charities and good causes in your areas.

Come down and see us on the Sands Recreation Grounds, Holmfirth on the 1st Saturday in July. The fun starts at 11am.

Latest news

*  Tickets ordered and duck numbering arranged

*  George Shaw and Sons Toilet Hire confirmed as third prize sponsor

*  2019 Duckrace confirmed for 7th July